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According to our by-laws, the Vestry shall consist of the Rector, two Wardens, and twelve lay members. Anyone qualified to vote shall be eligible for election to the Vestry. Any member who meets the qualifications for election to the Vestry and has been confirmed or received in The Episcopal Church shall also be eligible for election as a Warden.

With the exception of the Rector and the Wardens, no person shall hold office as a Vestry person for more than two consecutive three-year terms. The Wardens may serve two consecutive terms of two years each. A Vestry person or a Warden subsequently may be reelected to the Vestry at an Annual Meeting, at least one year after the completion of his/her second consecutive term. The Rector is not limited to terms of service.

2017-2018 Vestry
Frank Gundersen, Senior Warden
Jamie Wylie
Jamie Wylie, Junior Warden
sabine_0896-150x150 Chad Mary Lee Citrino
Sabine Blohm Charles (Chad) Brisbane Mary Lee Citrino
Susan-Collins Timothy GokeyBarry Grace
Susan Collins Timothy (Tim) Gokey, Asst. Treas. Barry Grace, Clerk
Kirsten Heinemann Vasana Hildebrand Seamus Mitchell
Kirsten Heinemann Vasana Hildebrand Seamus Mitchell
Robert Muller Billy Wresch
G. Robert (Rob) Muller Anne Pace, Treasurer Billy Wresch

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